Greek goddesses headed home [January 7]


Demeter and Kore—or at least two 2,500-year-old sculptures of those two Greek goddesses—are to return to Italy after a stint at the University of Virginia Art Museum, reports the website The two acroliths (constructed with cloth-draped bodies and stone heads, hands and feet) were excavated in 1978 in a Sicilian Greek city, then made their way into the private market; in 2002, they were donated to UVA with the condition that they be repatriated after five years. Officials at UVA told UVAToday that they’re honored to have hosted the goddesses of the grain harvest and the underworld, and that returning the sculptures is a gesture of support for proper stewardship of archaic artworks. They’re also planning a sendoff party on February 2—not with cake and balloons but with a gaggle of scholars discussing the antiquities market and preservation of archaeological sites.

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