Get your game on

Get your game on

Best Pizza: Christian’s Pizza

Every year we at C-VILLE wait in giddy anticipation of the Best Of survey results and we wonder: Will this be the year of a major upset in the pizza category? Of course not, you say! Duh, you say. Over Christian Tamm’s lifeless body, you say! Because you, dear readers, know better than we that Christian’s Pizza is an all-star—one of the perennial winners that have captured the minds and hearts of Charlottesville and, in so doing, have come to define our locale. So if you consider yourself a local but haven’t spent much time in any of those spots that make our list in one category or another, year after year, we suggest you use your next weekend to catch up. Quick!—before someone finds out you’re a fraud, or worse, a transplant from New Jersey. Here’s your schedule, neophytes:

Friday: go for zen

Start your search for Charlottesville nirvana with a lunchtime class at Bikram Yoga. Spend your evening meditating over the culinary delights at Zocalo. Cap off the night with an enlightening scoop of gelato at Splendora’s. Ah, paradise.

Saturday: from Mud to duds

Rise early and fuel up with a cup o’ Joe at Mudhouse on the Downtown Mall. In your postespresso haze, stumble over to Oasis Day Spa & Body Shop and get plucked, primped, scrubbed and rubbed into dressing room worthiness. Then, head up to Eloise—the best place (really the only place) to get yourself or your lady friend frocked in Diane von Furstenberg. Complete the über-sophisticated new ensemble with new Italian leather sling-backs from Scarpa. With your hip new Euro attitude, browse for a hip new urban couch at Under the Roof. Give your wallet and pedicure a break this evening with a rented arthouse flick from Sneak Reviews.

Sunday: bagels and Bakelite

Rise late and grab a nutritious fast-food brunch at Bodo’s Bagel Bakery. Spend your afternoon searching for vintage treasures at Circa antique store.
Notice we’ve left Christian’s off the itinerary because, well, if you’ve never stopped in for a slice of tomato, avocado and feta, then we don’t even know where to start with you.