Get the funk out, naturally!


I’m a derby girl. And I don’t mean Kentucky.
My teammates, the Charlottesville Derby Dames, know me as Nilla WasteHer on and off of the roller derby track.

That’s me in the green wheels (photo by Dan Purdy)

I practice with CDD three times a week and we have a game (or “bout” in derby terminology) at least once a month. Because roller derby is a full-contact sport we must wear protective equipment to keep us from getting too mangled on the track. All of that equipment has layers of foam padding, various nylon straps, buckles and fabrics that soak up our sweat and can’t just be tossed in the wash. My husband (Zookeeper) is our team’s head ref and the coach for our brand-new skaters (Fresh Meat Butcher, if you will). With 4-5 practices a week, between the two of us, we manage to produce quite a stink, literally.

Mr. and Mrs. Baker taking names in a co-ed roller derby bout in Richmond

More derby action! Zookeeper reffing in the green helmet top right (photo by MBS Photography)

Some skaters spray their gear down after every practice with Lysol or Febreeze. Preferring to go a more natural route, I’ve tried Burt’s Bees baby powder and generic baking soda. When I am able to wash my pads I mix up a bucket of white vinegar and water (1:3) and let them soak. I then squeeze and rinse and, most importantly, hang in the sun to dry. But by the next week my gear is rank again.
Relay Foods (formerly Retail Relay) to the rescue… When placing my weekly order for groceries I happened upon a product made by Bio-Kleen called Bac-Out. Using “live enzyme cultures” and lime peel extract this stain and odor eliminator has become the sweet smelling David to my stinky Goliath. Now after every practice I spray down my gear and let it air dry. And the fact that Bac-Out is totally natural, non-toxic and biodegradable puts some extra roll in my (green) wheels!

What other natural methods do you use to banish foul odors?


More info on enzymes in action and natural cleaning formulas, yes!

Check out the Dames as we take on the New River Valley BruisinBurgs at Augusta Expo Land Saturday, September 4th! Visit the CDD website for more info.