Get me the names!


O.K., we see the problem [“Justice for Jesus,” The Odd Dominion, April 17, 2007]. The lunatic fringe of the Christian right wing (and Pat Robertson is indeed the lunatic fringe) has succeeded in a stealth campaign using President Sh_t-for-brains to load up the federal bureaucracy with all these shifty-eyed evangelists. I want to know who they are! Names! Resumés! Where are they assigned? What are their job titles? What are their responsibilities? Who do they report to? Who do they supervise? What kind of power do they have? I pay their salaries, I demand to know. If they are stealthily working to undermine the foundations of the First Amendment, like termites gnawing away at the foundations of the Republic, I demand their names. Can we get them?
Joseph (Jay) McGoogan
Hollywood, Florida

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