Garden update: Pest control mostly working

Garden update: Pest control mostly working

I’ve mentioned our garden here and there on this blog. Right now is one of those moments in the season where, if you had a special machine that could freeze the whole garden to preserve it forever just as it is, you might be tempted to hit the button. This week of cool, wet weather has been awesome for the lettuce, broccoli, peas and collards, and although we haven’t harvested anything yet, I’m enjoying the way our veggies look almost as much as I’ll soon enjoy eating them.

 Lettuce and collards. Let’s zoom in on that lettuce for a sec:

We also have some pretty nice garlic:

When we harvest the garlic in July, it’ll leave the soil in good shape for whatever we plant there next. Another way of improving the soil without chemical fertilizers is winter rye:

The part that we cut (in front) went into the compost pile as green matter.

Other organic methods we’ve been using: Beer traps and wood ash for slugs and snails, rather than pesticides. Compost, manure, ground-up eggshells and fish fertilizer to improve the soil. In general, a belief that good soil will make for strong plants which will be better able to fight off bugs without help from chemicals. And we’re starting some marigolds from seed, which we hope will help fend off rabbits when they’re placed around our veggies:

They’re in the front, sharing a flat with young peppers.

So far, so good.

How’s everybody else’s garden doing? Any other good no-spray tips you wanna share?