Garden update: Between things, plus peas


I wonder if anyone else has kind of a weird-looking garden right now. In ours, things are shifting: Spring stuff is on the way out and summer crops still have a way to go. It’s kind of a gap in the season, though you’d never know it from the bounty we received from our CSA this week. They have the timing thing down much better than we do.

Our garlic is falling over, signaling that it’s almost ready to harvest.

The broccoli is a tragic story. It was looking so promising, and then worms attacked it before we could eat it. Next door, mustard greens are bolting (making flowers).

One big success story: an absolutely lovely pea harvest! Oh, they’re good.

Tomatoes have taken well to being transplanted and a few even have fruit. They were beyond ready to go into the ground.

Cukes, likewise. We transplanted them and they immediately turned into a lush patch complete with baby cukes.

What’s going on with your bit of earth?