Fourteen or younger? Get your bike helmet from the Charlottesville Police


While one or two cyclists may yet raise an uproar over Charlottesville City Council’s decision to mandate bicycle helmets, the rest of the city’s bikers—namely, those age 14 or younger—should don their headgear. The Charlottesville Police Department is now enforcing the helmet requirement and is also, according to a spokesman, offering free helmets to those who cannot afford them.

"Parents that are residents of the City of Charlottesville and have children 14 or younger and are in need of a helmet may present proof of residency and the child’s information to the Charlottesville Police Department," says a media release. "They will receive a properly fitted helmet free of charge." Should a juvenile receive a citation for a first-time helmet law offense, he may attend court and present proof of a helmet to have the first charge dropped.