Foodies, take a class from our kitchen columnist!


Dear readers, are you envious of local foodie types who know how to whip up a batch of jam in their home canners, or put up a side of beef to last three seasons? Want to try growing some tomatoes and herbs, but can’t remember the last time you had dirt under your nails? Couldn’t cook a bunch of kale to save your life?

Get thee to the website of UVA’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies and sign up for "Local Food for Thought," which runs eight weeks from late January into March. It’s meant to be an introduction to the various arts of growing, sourcing, preparing and preserving local foods, and has a food activism component as well. I can only imagine there will be snacks.

On of the two teachers, Lisa Reeder (the other is Carroll Ann Freidmann), happens to write the kitchen column in ABODE and so I can tell you from personal experience that no one has a better or broader understanding of what’s up with seasonal food, and our local food scene in particular, than Lisa. She’s also incredibly sane and approachable, so I think she’ll make a fine teacher.

Anyone signed up already?