February ABODE rocks the 100 yard diet


Friends and readers, and I hope that’s a redundant greeting, allow me to introduce the February issue of ABODE, just out this morning. As usual, our shelter monthly includes a lovely range of green content, including a feature about this house:

Yes, that is a house.

This is the Batesville home of Robin Dripps and Lucia Phinney, who are incredible innovators in their fields (architecture and landscape architecture, and the increasingly blurry boundary between the two, the owners of many many books, and proponents of the "100-yard diet," which essentially boils down to culinary self-sufficiency. I think you’ll enjoy the tour.

ABODE also has you covered on the questions of greening your fireplace, and what the eco-minded gardener can be doing during this last of the winter months. (You hear me, weather gods? The last!) And Lisa Reeder, local foodie extraordinaire, explains what the heck you should do with that cabbage that came in your CSA share last November. I personally got inspired to make kimchi from mine, and we’ll soon have a video of the process on the ABODE site.

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