February ABODE: Snooze-a-thon


You’ve got your bed. Now you need the other pieces to let your bedroom hit a certain middle C between dull (so that you’re not kept awake by overly flamboyant furnishings) and interesting (so that, well, they’re not too dull). Find the blend that’s right for you, starting with these pieces from local stores.

TOP Good knight. Round table from the Artful Lodger ($265, 970-1900); Off the wall. Floor mirror from Kane Furniture ($599, 296-5594); Bedside buddy. Nightstand from Artifacts ($1,195, 295-9500); MIDDLE Bed-end bench. Stools from The Second Yard ($335 each, 295-6054); Sweet sheets. Linens available from Yves Delorme (Prices vary, 979-4111); Alarmingly cool. Clock with MP3 dock from Best Buy ($99, 977-1578); BOTTOM Sock drawer and more. Dress from Classic Furniture ($1,699, 973-1578); Light the page. Wall-mount reading light from Timberwood Lighting ($252, 872-0400); A good read. Armchair from And George ($1,670).