February 2011: Your Abode


$1,044, Kane Furniture

1200 W. Main St., 296-5594

Like Sunday morning

…Or Thursday evening, Saturday afternoon, or sleepless Tuesday nights. If it’s going to be the seat that calls to you anytime you need comfort, it’ll have to be easy indeed. Look for one you can spend hours in; one roomy enough to hold deep thoughts as well as lazy zone-outs. Our easy-chair suggestion? Start with these favorites from local shops.










$1,400, And George

3465 Ivy Rd., 244-2800

















$989, The Second Yard

307 E. Market St., 295-6054
















$795, Quince

126 Garrett St., 296-0062

















$1,458, The Artful Lodger

218 W. Market St., 970-1900