February 2010: Stuff We Love


Red ringer

We found this simple, lovely quilt from the Denise Schmidt line at Pillow Mint (queen size, $415). Dig how it combines a traditional pattern with a subtly modern approach to color? We sure do.







Security for the rest of us

You may not have one of those little blue and white signs stuck under your boxwoods, but that doesn’t mean you’d welcome an intruder. There is a security system option for the apartment-dweller. It’s called Simplisafe. Basically, it consists of wireless sensors for windows and doors, which send signals to a central control pad. You can add keychain remotes and panic buttons to the system, and the control pad has a built-in cellular connection to the company’s emergency dispatch service.

Maybe the best thing about the system is that you can take it with you when you leave—something many renters tend to do every year or two. Simplisafe’s packages will set you back $200-300 depending on the size of your pad, with an additional $15 per month for the dispatch service. Or you can design your own system with the exact components you want.

Check out simplisafe.com or call 888-95-SIMPLI. And make sure to pick a PIN for that control pad that you’ll remember no matter what.

Acute angles

It’s not just the striking linear forms of this northern Albemarle house that draw our interest; it’s the color combo of sea-green metal roof and indigo-grey siding. Especially in the woodsy winter landscape, it’s just the right degree of bold.

Floor show

Standing tall behind divan or wingback, a stylish floor lamp is not only illuminating, but charming. It’s as though it wants to read over your shoulder. We’d be happy to share a book with one of these locally sourced specimens.

(From left to right): And George ($440), The Artful Lodger ($619), The Second Yard ($265), The Shade Shop ($1,125), Kane Furniture ($339)