Fall garden, just before winter


It’s been a really great garden year for us, and that includes the fall–usually the season when the garden’s most likely to disappoint. We finally got organized and planted fall crops in a timely fashion. And the weather was kind.

Here’s one last look before the chill changes it up.

On the warm Wednesday we just had, all the crops were hanging out, open to the elements (that is, rain). Clockwise from top right, we’ve got mature salad greens; kale; carrots; and baby salad greens. There are also some peas hanging out on the far left, turnips not in the photo, and next year’s garlic in those straw-covered beds at the top.

Our trusty cold frames should keep this stuff happy through the winter, though it won’t grow very fast. The kale lives in a low tunnel made from plastic and PVC tubing, anchored by pieces of rebar stuck into the ground. It’s quite sturdy.

Here’s another frame holding winter salads. (We’ll have to eat a lot of salads, I guess.) Left to right: mache, spinach, lettuce, claytonia, mizuna, arugula.

And here are the chickens, getting new beds ready for next spring. Most of the area inside that fence will be planted with onions, potatoes or something else to eat.

Anyone else feeling happy with their autumn crops? Got big plans for spring?