Drowning in leafy greens; please send recipe


As the CSA season winds down, I find that our fridge looks extremely leafy. We’re getting cabbage, kale, collards, bok choy, mizuna, lettuce…all kinds of incredibly healthy stuff. But I must admit that I’m not always enthusiastic about it, simply because I have fewer ways to use these leafy greens compared to, say, tomatoes.

There are salads, of course. That takes care of the lettuce and mizuna. And we have two or three preparations for sauteed collards/kale/bok choy that are tried and true. (Our standards: Saute with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Or saute with garlic, sesame oil and tamari. Or saute with mustard oil and red chile.)

We also put them into soups and lentil dishes. As for cabbage, since it keeps so well, I’m just squirreling it away for now and will haul it out once the shares stop coming.

Still, I find myself composting more of those high-vitamin goodies than I’d like to. Were I more on the ball, I would find someone to share our share. Or I’d come up with some brilliant new recipes.

Readers, I throw myself on your mercy. How do you cook leafy greens?