Discarding oven mitts and other weird stuff


In the mood to purge belongings, I’ve been going through some of our kitchen cabinets, forgotten dresser drawers, and closet corners, trolling for stuff we never use and don’t want and shouldn’t keep around. Of course, I don’t want this process to result in a big load of trash. There are some obvious Salvation Army goodies: glass canisters, a hanging basket for storing onions and bananas, an extra pair of tongs.

But there are also some things that I don’t think anyone would want and, as far as I know, I can’t recycle. Stuff like…

Oven mitts with holes in them! (Note: Do not place oven mitt on hot burner.)

A bread pan with chipping, cracked nonstick coating.

Zillions of used canning lids. (Someone please invent reusable ones!)

Expired rice cereal, bought by an enthusiastic grandparent-to-be when our daughter was still seven months from birth.

What to do, readers? Anyone want to come up with some uber-clever way to use all this stuff in a single D.I.Y. project? Is there an artist in the house? And while we’re at it, what’s the weirdest thing you own and would like to be rid of?