Disaster songs and Fluvanna rocker up for Grammys [December 7]

Disaster songs and Fluvanna rocker up for Grammys [December 7]

Amid the Justin Timberlakes, Amy Winehouses and John Mayers, there were a couple a local names in this year’s Grammy nominations, which were announced yesterday.

Take a listen to Charlotte and Bob Miller‘s "Ohio Prison Fire" from People Take Warning:

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Christopher King, a resident of Faber, has been nominated in the category of Best Historical Album for his co-producing and remastering work on People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs, 1913-1938, a three-disc collection of tragic folk songs from the early 20th century. C-VILLE featured King and People Take Warning in our Feedback column back in September. “The Virginias and the Carolinas are a sort of weird nebula for disasters,” King told us when discussing to his inspiration for the compilation. “You can’t really go in one direction without running into a place where a train wreck or some sort of bad accident happened in the early 20th century.”

Cross your fingers: Hopefully Nelson County’s Christopher King will take home his second Grammy for his work on People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs, 1913-1938.

The nomination is nothing new for King, though, as he has received nominations three times before and won a Grammy in 2003 for his remastering of Screamin’ & Hollerin’ The Blues: The Worlds Of Charley Patton.

Chris Daughtry, Fluvanna High alum and "American Idol" fourth place finalist, received four Grammy nominations for his work on his eponymous album, Daughtry, which has also been one of the best-selling albums of 2007.

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