December ABODE gets you into the factory


ABODE is out today, my friends. That would be C-VILLE’s shelter supplement, which is a big part of my world and I hope well known to you too. It’s the last issue of a year in which we’ve continued expanding and deepening our coverage of green building and green living, so if you read this blog I think you’ll be interested.

Stuff to watch out for in the December issue: First of all, the cover story is Katherine Ludwig’s take on a post-industrial adaptive reuse project that architect Neal Deputy designed in the ’90s. It’s a building on 10th Street you’ve probably driven past many times: the Coca-Cola Bottling Works. Inside, though you’d never know from the street, are four extremely stylish loft-style apartments. Deputy is candid in the story about how he wasn’t really thinking about energy efficiency or green materials back when he worked on this (times have changed!), but an intelligent reuse of an existing building is inherently green. So is the pedestrian-friendly lifestyle that many of the occupants are able to adopt, given their fabulously central location.

As always, Better World Betty is an ABODE mainstay, and this time she offers wise words on holiday shindigs with a smaller footprint. We also have the lowdown on a new rehabilitation project at a house on Ridge Street, and always sustainably-minded advice from garden columnist Cathy Clary and kitchen columnist Lisa Reeder.

Hope you pick it up, comment, pass it around and then recycle it.