December 2009: Instant Decorator

December 2009: Instant Decorator

Crafter’s Christmas

The last thing we here at Instant Decorator wish for you this season is to be boring. When you dig out your holiday regalia and find that old evergreen wreath with holly berries that you tucked away last winter, you’ll realize that it’s missing some originality. This month’s project is a little bit kitschy, a little bit sparkly and oozing with holiday spirit. We recommend drinking some eggnog while crafting.

Materials: Styrofoam wreath ring, Christmas tree ornaments in varying sizes (and colors, if preferred), thick ribbon in color complementary to ornaments (or plain white).

Tools: Hot glue gun.

1. Wrap ribbon around the wreath, overlapping edges to cover Styrofoam completely. Hot glue to fasten.
2. Lay wreath flat and hot glue larger ornaments at random points around the wreath.
3. Fill in empty spots with smaller ornaments, gluing directly to the Styrofoam or to other ornaments.