December 2009: Around the House

December 2009: Around the House

Removal specialists

An array of devices proves there’s more than one way to pull a cork. Pick these up at Market Street Wineshop (clockwise, from top left, $16.99, $8.99, $6.99).













Top chef secrets

Ginger scones, spiced quail with cranberries, raspberry chipotle bacon, gingersnap cheesecake with peach bourbon sauce…salivating yet? While these sound like dishes only for a professional’s hands, the Foster Harris House Cookbook, by John MacPherson, lets you cook and eat like a pro with recipes straight out of the famous 100-year-old bed and breakfast in D.C. Wrap it up for your favorite foodie.



Make a toast

With the merry parade of holiday parties about to march over your calendar, you might find yourself saying “Can I get you something to drink?” more times than you can count. If you offer, you’d better follow up with a glass. Here are our picks for the best locally available vessels.

Simon Pearce “Cavendish Goblet” from La Bastide, $58; “Horta” wine glass from Anthropologie, $12; Wine glass from The Happy Cook, $11; William Yeoward crystal “Iona” glass from And George, $110; Vera Wang “Classic” glass from Belk, $35


Mouth-blown French glass from Crème de la Crème, $48;
Mikasa “Jamestown Platinum” glass from Belk, $11.99; Hand-etched, mouth-blown full lead crystal glass from Monticello Museum Shop, $55; Mouth-blown Italian glass from Crème de la Crème, $38