Day 98: Ah, oui! Zee block partee!


Good afternoon, brick babies! Not much longer until we’re forced to part ways—the rebricking should be done in two weeks. But, as they say, we’ll always have Paris. Or, at the very least, we’ll have Paris this weekend, as the 300 block (where C-VILLE is located!) transforms itself into gay Paris (pronounced "pair-ee," lest you think Brick Watch means to sound so crude). Here’s what you can look forward to (in an accent, no less…just because we can):

• Zee Restaurant de Henri’s will become zee Louvre, displaying zee art and serving zee French-themed dishes like zee baguettes and French onion soup throughout zee week.

• Matty Metcalf will play zee accordion music for those moved by zee spirit Francaise.

• Cancan dancers from zee Moulin Rouge (a.k.a. DanceExplosion) will appear, as will popcorn and cotton candy venders, face painters and a "bounce a la train." (We are unsure of what ezzactly zee "train bounce" entails, but we vill eenvestigate.)

• Learn to speak zee conversational Francais wizz zee Speak! Language Center. (Though BW would be tres happy to give you zee lessons ourselves.)

But here are the attractions we’re most intrigued by…

• Free French fries from Five Guys (fun with alliterations!) with any purchase! (Ah, oui. BW loves zee fry!)

• Starting at 3pm on Saturday, April 18, there will be a Tricycle Tour de France. Charlottesparisians of all ages can participate—children under 3, children 3-4, children 5-6 and adults 18 and over are encouraged to take a turn.

Aussi, is it just Brick Watch, or are these block parties starting to sound fun?

Meanwhile, anyone seen zee crossing at First Street? Wowee! We don’t have a picture (would it kill you to use your imaginations peut être?), but just imagine some fancy granite work and a splash of rebricking and, bien sûr, you will understand. If you have seen it, comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts. (Feel free to use zee accent.)

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