Day 95: Of bathroom stalls and goodbyes

Day 95: Of bathroom stalls and goodbyes

Sadly, friends, today is Will Goldsmith’s last day at C-VILLE. A vital member of our team (and the brains behind this cover story, we bricksters must note), Will’s headed to Alabama to get himself hitched.

To say goodbye, some staff members took him out to lunch, got him tanked, and sent him on his way. …Kidding! We fed him, let him drink a few, and then brought him back to work to finish his filing before letting him go. But not before we answered this question (one of many Will has drudged up in his tenure at C-VILLE): What are those weird things at Third Street that look like bathroom stalls?

Brick Watch called—you guessed it—Barton Malow’s Chris Weatherford for the answer. "They’re manholes," Chris tells us. They’re there to keep crew members safe when doing work underground.

And that is the last question Will may ever ask of Brick Watch. And even though we know he’ll log on every day to read the latest updates (that is, if they even have the Internet in Alabama), it just won’t be the same without him. Fare well, William Goldfish. …Er, Goldsmith.


And for the rest of you, keep reading Brick Watch! Only two more weeks until we too say our goodbyes.