Day 93 and 94: He’s a Brickhouse

Day 93 and 94: He’s a Brickhouse

Good morning, brickwatchers! Bricktern is off duty (indefinitely) today, as he was "too busy" to post anything yesterday and we’ve decided his negligence is going to cost him. Luckily, Head Brick Watcher is back in town and has much to share.

Now, when we headed off on our Chicago adventure, we were curious to see the windy city for a few reasons. First, would we casually run into Oprah at a coffee shop? Would she invite us to her party? Second, would we finally see the connection between our Downtown Mall and the Windy City? Would it become apparent why our block parties have been themed with major places like Chicago, New York, or Dublin? Well, surprisingly, yes.

First, check out these sweet bricks:

A medley of Seurat, Manet and Renoir paintings (among others not pictured) coat this colorful brick wall. Ain’t it purdy?

 This here’s the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue designed by Frank Gehry. Kinda puts our own Pavilion to shame, no? 

Oh, how lucky we’d be to have "Brick" in our name. This street is honorarily named after Jack Brickhouse, an American sportscaster who covered the Chicago Cubs for 33 years.

Admittedly, it doesn’t take much to impress us at Brick Watch (we have been, after all, enthusiastically writing about bricks for the past 94 days). But it seems our Downtown Mall has more in common with Chicago than we thought. And we’d be willing to bet we could find something similar in Dublin or Paris. (If any Brick Watch readers are eager to find out, and would be interested in funding the trip, please send us your contact information.)

Meanwhile, firetrucks! Brick Watch heard a very menacing sound coming by the office a few minutes ago and, to our shock and awe when we looked out the window, a firetruck was cruising by! We ran out to ask what was happening and take a few pictures…

Don’t worry. They’re just checking out how much access the trucks will have once it’s all said and done. …But still, it’s kind of weird to see a fire truck on the Mall, no? Man, it’s good to be home.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Oprah did invite us to her party. Regretfully, our schedule was just too full to attend.