Day 88: Like on vacay? Let’s all go

Day 88: Like on vacay? Let’s all go

The title of this blog post, dear brickies, is a reference from one of our favorite movies. Anybody know? And, better yet, can anyone name the connection this movie has to bricks?

We’ll be perfectly honest with ya, folks. Our head Brick Watcher is about to go on vacation. And, let us tell you, it’s a damn good thing, because preparing for the work that will have to be made up by coworkers while we’re gone is exhausting.

Anyway…Just in time for us to dash off, the weather has turned warm! And with warm weather means crowds of people out on the Mall this evening. But as we were walking to lunch this afternoon (and earlier this morning to take some nonbrick-related video), we noticed a few pedestrian unfriendly sites. For instance…

Not too much walking room here, eh? Not to mention that behemoth to the left.

Tight squeeze! Wear your Spanx.

This isn’t a place to walk, but it’s quite aesthetically displeasing, no?

We didn’t get a picture, but it appears to have rained chewed up gum from the sky for the past few days, as there’s sticky goo all over our brand new bricks! How could you, friends?

How’s everyone out there feel about all this? Will the gum and the narrow walkways keep you from enjoying the Mall now that spring has sprung? Comment below…and, in the meantime, happy bricking! HBW will be back next Thursday and Bricktern will take care of you until then. Be nice!