Day 78: Questions from beyond

Day 78: Questions from beyond

In our effort to leave no brick unturned, we here at Brick Watched reached out to some colleagues, hoping to get at some undiscovered story. Without further ado..

How long does it take cement to dry?

First off, cement is actually an ingredient in concrete, which is what BW assumes you’re asking about. As best we can tell (thanks, Google!), it takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days for concrete to dry. As many of you know, concrete is being use to repoint the drainage runnels.

What will they be doing with the portions of new pavers that meet up with old bricks?

For those just tuning in, Brick Watch had to get our question-asker to draw a diagram of this and really explain it. We then went out to take a sample picture to relay the information to you:

The old bricks are at the top of the picture. If you notice, at the middle of the picture where new pavers meet old, some of them are cut to odd sizes in order to fit in correctly. Our question-asker was wondering, when those old bricks get replaced, will the new pavers be cut to fit in, or will the resized pavers be removed and replaced with even newer ones? (Are you following?)

A crew member told us that, indeed, the old new pavers will be taken out and replaced with new new pavers when the old bricks get replaced. But, due to the noise outside while BW was asking these questions, we don’t know if they know where the old new pavers will go, but we do know they know we know what’s happening to the new new pavers, as they nodded at the end of our conversation. We’ll tackle that question for you tomorrow, brickies.

That’s all.