Day 74: Project Brickway Part II

Day 74: Project Brickway Part II

OK, we lied. We don’t have a second part of the brick fashion show. Instead, we’re going to run yesterday’s again:

We got such a positive response.

Also, we wanted to follow up on some of the topics we mentioned yesterday. For instance, the rebricking of the 300 east block, specifically in front of C-VILLE. Good news for us: It’s finished!

It took these guys only about 25 minutes after this photo was taken to get the front of C-VILLE completely rebricked (well, 25 minutes and a day, of course). You’ll notice that one of them is pretty much sitting in front of the door. …No worries there. When we needed to get in, he not only cleared us a path, but he personally opened the door. Such chivalry!

Also, expanding upon the fashion theme from yesterday, we spotted this guy on the Mall at lunch time:

Yes, that is a black fuzzy hat. Perhaps not quite seasonal, but it definitely makes a statement. And the red pants? Spot on.

After we passed him, we noticed something on the Mall we haven’t seen a while (at least in the daytime)—people! See for yourselves…


Brick Watch counts more than 15 nonconstruction-related persons in that photo just on the 300 block (including one with a man purse, which we think counts double)—and we even cropped a few out! Looks promising, no? We were especially encouraged when a press release ran across our desk this afternoon.

The statement, sent from the city, declared the rebricking to be on schedule—four of the seven blocks are complete, it says. Curiously, the city assures the project will be finished by May 1, though the phasing plans clearly state that the rebricking deadline is April 25. Read Brick Watch next week, when we tackle hard-hitting issues like this one. Until then, have a great weekend, brickophants.