Day 73: Project Brickway?


Good afternoon, bricklovers. Boy, oh boy does Brick Watch have a treat for you.

As we were walking into the C-VILLE office this morning, we were slightly impeded by crew members working directly in front of the entrance! To get in, we had to walk on a plank-like structure leading up to the door. Later, as we were walking to get our morning coffee and granola (gotta keep it healthy, bricksters), we thought outloud to Bricktern, Doesn’t this look like a runway? …Which gave us an idea.

Now, we have to let you in on a little secret: By the time BW got around to filming this (this morning was unusually hustled and bustled), crew members had put up a few green barriers, which sort of took away from the runway feel. But we persevered. We even handcrafted these outfits (brickfits?)! What we wouldn’t do for you people.