Day 68: It’s probably not our fault

Day 68: It’s probably not our fault

We here at Brick Watch are a peace-loving people. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of fun with the city, but those nice folks at the lovely city blog know we’re just kidding. (Even if they don’t know our name—hey, guys! We’re an alternative weekly paper called C-VILLE Weekly; we’re not a magazine!)

We here at Brick Watch also don’t like to brag. But as we were walking down the Mall today (in heels!), we looked up and saw this…

Excuse me, Tree? You’ve got a bat in the cave.

…and we knew exactly what that balloon was for. See, we’ve been doing a lot of promotion for the city-funded block parties on this blog simply because, well, Brick Watch loves a bash, and knew that balloon was meant to designate which block was holding a celebration this week. But the city, BW has observed, has not two words on its blog about these celebrations. Perhaps that’s why they’ve all been so—to paraphrase—ill attended? (BW does want to say that the DBA has a lot of stuff on its website about the parties, but who’s going there?)

Now maybe (though it’s unlikely) some readers out there interpret this to mean that Brick Watch should be held responsible for the diminutive crowds. And while this may be true—sometimes our cynicism gets the better of us—keep in mind that we don’t have $50,000 backing our efforts.

What’s the general consensus out there in the blogosphere? Are people not attending because they have no idea what’s going on? Or is it just because it seems lame? Comment below! And in the meantime, it’s all Dublin, all the time at the 100 east block this weekend. Grab your pint of Guinness and go.