Day 67: De arbeiders leggen constant bakstenen

Day 67: De arbeiders leggen constant bakstenen

It’s a slow, slow day, brick watchers. Not slow in the sense that there’s nothing going on Downtown—quite the contrary, in fact! Why, just this morning, workers were congregated at the 500 block in front of Baggby’s, busy completing some southside demolition:

No, we mean slow in the sense that, well, how many times can we reassure you work is still rolling along? Even the city is starting to run out of things to write about!

Yesterday, the city’s blog focused on the white color of the new pavers; a question that has obviously been nagging brickwalkers for a while.

We wonder aloud sometimes, "How many different ways can we say, ‘The construction crews are making progress!’?" And today, we seek to answer that question. Thus, the Top 10 Ways To Indicate To Readers Progress Is Being Made:

10. The project is steadily advancing.
9. Work is coming along nicely.
8. There are no problems so far. The project is on time and on budget.
7. Il lavoro sta venendo piacevolmente avanti.
6. Construction workers are buzzing through the work.
5. Everything with the rebricking is going as planned.
4. Arbeitskräfte legen Ziegelsteine den ganzen Tag!
3. The bricks are gaining on us!
2. Don’t worry; it’s very noisy and there’s dust everywhere. Work is being done.
1. Crews are busy busy busy!

As mentioned, construction crews are working furiously to get ‘er done, and BW has only your brick interests in mind. Stay tuned.