Day 59 and 60: Oh, how we’ve missed you


If Brick Watch’s immune system were a character in "The Three Little Pigs," it would be the house made out of sticks. The first pig built his house out of straw, but straw isn’t very sturdy. Bricks, as you know, are the sturdiest of sturdy building materials. But, unfortunately, BW’s immune system is right in the middle: sticks. Strong enough to survive a little attack, but weak enough to keep BW home yesterday eating brick soup (like Stone Soup but a little thicker).

In any case, we’ve prepared this extra long video for you, documenting what was happening on the Mall this very morning. It took us a few hours to put together (what with the brickulous soundtrack and all), but—just like the 500 block—it is done. and. done.

Our favorite moments, timestamped:

00:00:03 — Shake it, boys!

00:00:51 — Only moments before this, BW had to discourage crew members from waving to us while filming. Such camera hogs.

00:00:56 — Speaking of piggies… Watch out!

00:01:39 — We got about seven minutes’ of footage concerning these masons laying the bricks, but we spared you. We realize some of our readers aren’t as fascinated by the process as we.

00:02:00 — Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?