Day 54: Brick me up, Scotty!

Day 54: Brick me up, Scotty!

It’s been a slow brick day, readers. We here at Brick Watch guess it’s because the day was so gloomy and psuedo-rainy and therefore, not optimal weather for rejoicing in the laying of the brick. Case in point:

Whatcha doin’, boys? Those bricks are made for replacin’!

One thing BW did happen to notice this afternoon, however, was the balloon—which we think looks an awful lot like Mars—at the 200 west block, meant to direct mallgoers to the New Orleans-themed block party, which begins tomorrow. We wondered, what does Mars have anything to do with New Orleans? Naturally, we Googled "mars, new orleans," which brought up all kinds of disconcerting stories about a shooting at a recent Mardi Gras party in the Big Easy.

The balloon in question. Are we the only ones who immediately think "Mars" when we see that?

We then called the Downtown Business Association to see if there was any connection between the block’s theme and the balloon.

…Apparently not. Turns out, The AV Company, who sells the balloons to the city (at a very discounted price, the DBA says), gave each block about 20 choices and either the block captain or another retailer on the block picked the balloon for their event.

So, in the end, the Mars balloon has nothing to do with New Orleans, unless of course you consider the possibility that it’s meant to convey that the 200 west block party will be out of this world. …Nah. That can’t be it.

In closing, Brick Watch wants to apologize for the lack of video we promised yesterday. As demonstrated in the first photo, there wasn’t hardly anything to capture on film, and so we vow to make it up to you next week. We know how you love a good brick video, brickfans. Until then…TGIF!