Day 53: You dun good, kids

Day 53: You dun good, kids

We here at Brick Watch don’t like to resort to threats, but it seems to be all you people respond to. Curious, no?

The results are in, and the winner of our Brickenger Hunt (BW isn’t sure that works, but whatevs) is…Feedback! And at a close—and very classy—second, is peedon. We’re going to focus on congratulating peedon, as Feedback gets his own forum for self-congratulation here. And now for the answers, as promised.

1. "…In fact, you might say this brick is holdin’ down much of the construction on our block." The answer, friends, is this, a brick on top of a sand pile located at the 300 east block (in front of the C-VILLE office):

This was probably the most difficult clue in the whole hunt, but Brick Watch is nothing if not clever.

2. " These used to put up with all our crap, but are apparently spending the rebricking at one of Charlottesville’s finest hotels." Only Feedback got this one right: The answer is the trash cans lined up by the Omni. 

3. "These have kindly stepped in for #2." Knowing the answer to #2 now, can you guess what the answer to #3 is? 

Why, the answer is temporary trashcans, of course!

4. "This guy’s been standing here for years, you really think a little rebricking is gonna make him budge?" Both Jenn and peedon got this one right—the answer is the metal silhouette in front of Mudhouse. 

5. "These really help to shed light on the rebricking, at least until construction is done." The answers we got to this clue were priceless. Technically, Jenn got it right (the temporary lighting construction crews use), but we award peedon the win for this one, as the answer given was: "the Brickwatch bloggers?" Why, we are fuh-lat-terd. We live to serve.

6. "This brick edifice has been medicating people for years, only now you don’t need a prescription." No one got this. Answer: Miller’s, which was once a drugstore, always a brick structure.

7. "This is the part of the Mall Coran Capshaw rebricked (he didn’t do it himself, of course, but the money sure helped)." Answer: The Pavilion. No one got this either. 

8. "Cut from bricks of a different ilk, this wall is rarely speechless." Answer: The Free Speech Wall. Jenn and Feedback dominated this question (though, Jenn did refer to it as "the chalk wall).

9. "An ironically located civic/religious/secret society." Answer: Freemasons symbol, located at the 400 block. 

10. "A brick structure that caused some controversy when it was installed. It allows much of suburban Charlottesville to enjoy the mall." Answer: Parking garage. Peedon got this one too, and Feedback bravely ventured a guess.

Because it’s awfully late in the afternoon (it’s been a hard day for Brick Watch), BW thinks it a waste to update you on what’s happening right. now. since crews will be packing up for the day pretty soon. And so, we shall wait until tomorrow for fresh updates, accompanied by a video.