Day 52: These are the consequences

Day 52: These are the consequences

We’re not gonna lie, Brick Watch is a little disappointed. Poor Brick Watch intern (bricktern?) John Robinson walked the Mall for you people, gathering solid clues and pictures and compiling them all for you, right here. Why do you not respond? Were the questions too difficult? Do you not have time to play games? We feel your pain. But we don’t come to your blog and not participate. And so, we’ve decided to postpone the answers to the scavenger hunt until tomorrow. One of the answers can be found in the thumbnail that accompanies this blog here. You have one more day. Comment below, or the brick gets it:

Oh goodness, y’all. We’re totes kidding. You know we’d never do anything to hurt a brick!

In other news, Brick Watch walked out of the C-VILLE office this afternoon and was greeted by hustle and bustle like we haven’t seen since the project began!

Exhibit A: Hustle.

Exhibit B: Bustle.

And up at the 500 east block (Baggby’s, The Country Store, etc.), workers are spreading sand in preparation to lay bricks.

Look at all those little brickies patiently waiting.

Also, Brick Watch ran into Chris Weatherford (from Barton Malow, of course), who cleared up a question that’s been left unanswered in recent coverage of the trees being planted: Will the trees be bricked in? Or will there be a grate?

Our pal Chris tells us there will be a perforated grate around each individual tree. Perforated, he says, to allow the tree room to grow (when it grows, parts of the grate can be removed as needed). The steel frames for the grates will be installed soon, and by the third week in March, the whole of Central Place will be finished. That term "finished" seems to be tossed around a lot, but Chris specified that by the third week in March, even the orange plastic barriers around the trees will be removed. 

That’s all for today, bricksters. Remember: Only you have the power to prevent brick fires. …Again, kidding!