Day 44: A day in pictures

Day 44: A day in pictures

We here at Brick Watch are visual people. Don’t get us wrong; we love words too. But if a picture is worth a thousand of them, well, we could "write" a whole novel right here in today’s blog post. And that’s pretty bricktacular.

We set out this morning to take pictures that would not only keep you visually stimulated (one of Brick Watch’s top concerns when writing for you fine folks), but to give you an idea of what’s happening on the Mall in case you don’t get down here too often, or even if you’re tuning in from other parts of the country. Pennsylvania? California? Greene County? Holler if you hear us!

We began at the 400 block east, the first block to be "complete." So complete, in fact, that they’ll be having a block party all this week. Details to come tomorrow.

Continuing west, work at the 300 block east (in front of the C-VILLE office and home of Brick Watch) is, to say the least, a bit slow. But the sand is (for the most part) smoothed out and ready for the laying. Brick laying, that is.

Brick Watch got a little arty with the perspective on this one, of the 200 block east, but if you look closely, the group of men in the background are producing a lot of noise with that jackhammer they wield in the photo. Notice, also, the gaping, square-shaped holes in the ground. More on those this week.

The 100 block east is abuzz with workers smoothing sand and laying bricks. Shortly after the photo below was taken, Brick Watch was approached by one of the workers, who said something that BW had a hard time hearing due to construction noise. The worker held up two bricks and gave a sort of goofy smile, wanting to be photographed, but, unfortunately, the camera was running out of power and BW had to decline.


This is the current incarnation of the 200 block west. As per the flip, pedestrians can walk on the inside while workers, er, work on the outside. Though at the time this photo was taken, there didn’t appear to be many workers or walkers, save for Brick Watch, of course.


And there you are. Six thousand words on the Downtown Mall (because there are six pictures…and a picture is worth… Stay with us, folks) rebricking. Is there something we didn’t cover that you’re still curious about? Comment below!