Day 40: “No big swoosh”


TGIF, brickophiles. It’s Friday the 13th (dun dun DUN) and also the eve of Valentine’s Day, which we here at Brick Watch think seems a little backwards. The (purported) most romantic day of the year juxtaposed with the most inauspicious? Why, that provides the perfect backdrop for today’s topic: the flips.

Twice now, the city has announced the flips ("walk on the inside, work on the outside") and, though we’ve already seen how that pans out on our walks to work, we wanted to make a video to show you, dear readers, what you can expect as you flood the Mall tonight and tomorrow for your Dinners O’ Love. (As an aside, this city is prepared; Brick Watch called all over town for reservations, but we were too late. Guess we’ll be cooking at home.)

Did you notice the fancy new bricks in the video, on our way back to the C-VILLE office? Real classy, huh? With the granite and all?

You may have also noticed in the video a certain slowness of progress today. On our walk, Brick Watch didn’t see more than, say, 20 workers! While out, we ran into Barton Malow Project Manager Chris Weatherford and asked him, what up with that?

"It looks kind of slow, I agree with you," he said. "Sunday, we’re gonna finish the 400 block and there’ll be 40 masons out here on Monday when the bricks are here." That’s neat, but where’s everyone now? "There are some guys [off the Mall] unloading granite," he told us. "But no, there’s no big swoosh goin’ on right now."

No big swoosh might be good though. We don’t want things getting out of hand—it is Friday the 13th, after all.