Day 39: It’s time to get down, get bricky


Good morning, brickensteins! (Too much?) Brick Watch came into work this morning and saw a very exciting announcement in our brickbox. It’s time to party, dudes.

Upon completion, each block will host its own party (a "brick" party, if you will). The 400 block east will be leading the parade (note: There will not literally be a parade) with the theme of "My kind of town, Chicago is" starting Monday, February 16. There will be a Flapper Ball, a swing quintet, a speakeasy party and food specials from restaurants on the 400 block (among other things). Brick Watch is most looking forward to stepping back in time Union Bank & Trust, where all the tellers will be dressed just as they would have been in the 1920s! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

For the next few months (until the rebricking project is complete), each block will be themed with a different city. You can look forward to traveling to New Orleans! Dublin! Paris! New York! London! And Rome! All in the span of two and a half months, and all for the low, low price of $45,000 (the amount City Council granted Downtown last week to add to its marketing campaign).

Now, Brick Watch can appreciate this idea for its Stars Hollow feel, but we wonder: Why turn our Downtown Mall into different cities to celebrate its revitalization? Isn’t there something a bit incongruous about honoring the culture of different cities in order to encourage people to support our own Downtown Mall? We’re just sayin’ is all. (And we also just have to say, as puzzled as we are, imagine how Joaquin Phoenix would feel if confronted with these questions.)

What do you think? Would it have been better, perhaps, to celebrate "Charlottesville through the ages"? Maybe there should have been a brick-off, where brickfans can compete to build the best brick structure! Clearly BW should have been contacted. We always have the best ideas. Contribute your own!