Day 38: Bricks on the moon!

Day 38: Bricks on the moon!

Happy Hump Day, brickophants! It seems like just yesterday that we were sending you those same wishes. But it wasn’t just yesterday, was it? No, even those fixated on the brick know that as the days roll by and the world turns, the old bricks will be replaced with the new. This fact becomes even more clear with the latest version of the rebricking phasing plan, which was released today. It’s always new, new, new with you people, huh? (By the way, Brick Watch compared old and new phasing plans—putting our Photo Hunt skills to good use—and didn’t notice a bit of difference in the foreseeable future.)

Well, as you know, dear brickies, we here at Brick Watch are committed to a fond farewell for the elderbricks. We’ve clothed them, we’ve fed them; we’ve done everything we can think of to give them a special send-off. Then we thought, what’s happening with bricks not in our fair city? Our own bricks have been through a lot…

See? A lot.

…but what about elsewhere? Around the country? Around the world? Bricks on the moon? BW did some research.

• In the UK, brick masterpieces.

• In Tennessee, illegal bricks.

• In California, fund-raising bricks. (Though, if you’re feeling generous, Brick Watch would urge you to forego buying one of these for $60-75 and instead by a Downtown Mall brick for only $5!)

• In India, a raided brick kiln.

And our personal favorite…

• In Connecticut, brick art! Here’s how he does it:

Oh, and in case you were wondering: There will be bricks on the moon.

Heard other brick news lately? Have any links to add to today’s nearly obnoxious list? Brick it on!