Day 29: “Starting to roll”

Day 29: “Starting to roll”

Good Monday, brick watchers. After a hearty, morale-boosting meal, the weather is unseasonably warm and the crews are working diligently through the start of phase 4 (which, according to the phasing plan, was to start yesterday). Last week’s snowfall meant weekend-long work to make up for lost time. Project Manager Chris Weatherford says, "I wouldn’t say ‘caught up,’ but I’d say we’re catching up." And, he adds, "Now the schedule’s starting to roll."

Here’s what to expect this week:

Completion of the 400 block.

Demolition at the 300 block east (in front of the C-VILLE offices) and at Central Place. (In case you’re confused, Central Place is mainly complete, but crews are finishing up the southern side in front of the Landmark Hotel.)

Installation of granite at the 200 and 400 blocks east.

Utility work at the 200 and 500 blocks east.

Laying of bricks at the 200 block west.



And because we here at Brick Watch love a good visual aid, we’d like to show and tell you about a large Allied Concrete truck that was taking up a portion of W. Second Street at lunchtime. It’s creating a brick-colored grout mixture that will be used to fill holes previously opened to install electrical conduit and, says a worker, "will take a few days to dry."

Speaking of staying dry, Brick Watch hears tonight may bring a mix of rain and snow. Do we see another working weekend in our future?