Day 24 and 25: Many apologies, bricksters


First, let Brick Watch explain. It’s not easy watching bricks. The eye strain alone is enough to send a person—and a brick-loving one at that—into a coma. Not to mention the icy temperatures! Why, it was all too much for Brick Watch to handle and, consequently, BW caught a cold while working for you fine brickfans.

But Brick Watch doesn’t blame you, and to prove it has created a killer video for your viewing pleasure. Crews are back at work today after two slow snow days (say that three times fast!) and, by golly, you’ve never seen so many laborers on the Mall. See video for details.

In other brick-related news, Jessica Simpson is in town! How does this relate to bricks, you ask? Well, she was spotted yesterday evening walking atop some Charlottesville bricks. The bricks you see in that picture are not from the Downtown Mall, however. Currently, Central Place is the only location even remotely near completion and the brick pattern seen in the photo is not the pattern of our dear Mall bricks. BW assumes the bricks in the US Weekly photo are those at the JPJ (as she’s set to perform there tonight with Rascal Flatts), but no matter—any brick in Charlottesville is a friend of Brick Watch!

For those of you solely (pun intended?) focused on what’s happening Downtown today, you can count on nearly every block having some sort of barrier up, with the main bulk of work happening at the 200 and 300 blocks east.