Day 23: Snow day equals slow day


Let’s talk snow, brick watchers. Even before Brick Watch was born, C-VILLE did a cover story on the Mall rebricking, in which Jim Tolbert, chief city steward of the project and director of Neighborhood Development Services, told us that snow was probably one of the biggest obstacles crews would face.

Well, snow is (finally!) here. And while the noise in the C-VILLE office is still ringing phones and clicking keys, the disruption outside is decidedly lacking. Said an employee of Spring Street this morning, "I don’t see any [crews] working out there at the moment." Brick Watch took a coffee break and noticed the same thing: Not a worker in sight! What gives? Is it the snow?

Says Project Manager Chris Weatherford: "We love snow! What are you talking about? …Nah, we’re doing demolition. We’re gonna keep working." But Weatherford adds that the snow has slowed crews down for today and probably tomorrow, but that they’re prepared to work through the weekend to make up lost time. "Working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday should keep us on schedule," he says.

Meanwhile, Weatherford tells Brick Watch the masons are working (albeit a bit slower because of the weather) and construction workers can "cut, chop, and drill holes to get ready [for when work resumes]." Plus, he adds, the brick is here! Last week saw a slowdown in paver production, putting the project a little behind schedule.

In other news, it’s awfully cold out. So cold, in fact, that it might be a good idea to stay in, grab your souvenir Downtown Mall bricks and practice your Baguazhang.