Day 12: Bricky, it’s cold outside

Day 12: Bricky, it’s cold outside

It’s very cold outside. Construction crews are still stationed at the 200 blocks east and west, and at Central Place. And good news: The dust has cleared.

But, because Brick Watch doesn’t want to brave the frosty wind chill, we’ve decided to stay inside and find more productive ways to spend our time. Like, for instance, making a brick cozy.

What is a brick cozy, you ask? It’s a great way to decorate your souvenir brick from the Mall and turn it into a stylish doorstop.

Here’s how we made ours:

1 brick
three rolls of ribbon (different, but complementary, colors)
a few pieces of tape

Cut two pieces of one color ribbon and one piece of another to fit the brick lengthwise (this will cover the front of your brick). Layer them, alternating colors, and tape (as best you can—tape doesn’t easily stick to brick) at sides.


Take the third color of ribbon and cut two (or three, depending on how much ribbon you have) strips. Place the ribbon under the brick and fold up to the top (the back of the brick will be exposed), and tie a sweet little bow.



Place in front of door.