Day 115: Memories…light the corners of our bricks


And so it is, brick watchers. We’re quickly approaching our last day together and while BW would love nothing more than to report today’s Downtown goings on…well, that’s just not true. We’d like, even more than that, to reminisce (read: brag). And so, our Top 10 Favorite Brick Watch moments, five from the Head Brick Watcher and five from Bricktern. Enjoy!

5. How fun was this? Just picture BW, sitting in the kitchen of the C-VILLE office, dressing a brick with ribbon. It garnered many a strange (read: jealous) look from coworkers, but all in all, we think it was a success.

4. It takes a very special blogger to concern herself with this sort of thing while on vacay, but that’s just the sort of dedication we here at BW have to you people.

3. We don’t like to brag (OK, that’s a lie), but this was a pretty awesome video. Note the music! The rhythm! The sheer brilliance of the mason’s choreography. Perfection, no?

2. We totally called you out! We’re not trying to take credit for the city sprucing up their blog soon after we posted this (and why would we? It still couldn’t touch Brick Watch!), but there was noticeable improvement (read: copy-catting) in their subsequent posts. We’re just saying is all.

1. What would a true reminiscence be without a look back to the very beginning? We remember that day. Bricktern was just a glimmer in Head Brick Watcher’s eye, and the Mall, nearly untouched, was primed and ready for its big renovation.

Of course, we wish this list could go on longer. Searching through the archives, we realized: (Nearly) every day has been a joyous one. And you, dear brickreaders, have made these last four months go by very quickly.

And now on to Bricktern’s choices! What kind of exciting things will he remember?


Hello beautiful brick fans. I can’t believe it’s almost over, and soon we’ll be signing off for good. Tear (all sarcasm aside, and that’s saying a lot for me. I will truly miss this when it’s gone). There’s been some good times, there’s been some annoying dust and jackhammering, and there’s been plenty of laughs. Here’s my top five:

5. Fairly recently BW took a stroll down the Mall for our morning double shot of brickspiration, and found some seriously hilarious stuff. How often do you see a construction worker "relieving" himself on the bricks?

4. April Fool’s Day was fun. Head Brick Watcher tried to suspend Feedback’s stapler in a jello mold (like in The Office) but experienced a bit of a setback. Meanwhile, we decided to mess with your heads a bit. The prank was so successful that even some employees at Barton Malow were freaking out a little.

3. One day, whilst the 300 block was buried under construction machines, dust, and partitions, BW had a stroke of genius while we were spitballing ideas. Crews had just put up a "runway" of sorts, so C-VILLE employees could enter the building. We felt there was only one natural course of action for us.

2. In one of BW’s famous (read: office-wide) brainstorming sessions (usually starting with: "What the heck do we do today?") a coworker came in and told us there was a film crew setting up to make a movie. We went to investigate and ended up getting our big break!

1. What a great finale, no? We had such a great time going around to Mall businesses and spreading the joy. It literally took 15 minutes or more of convincing to get these lovely folks to dance.

Watch the dancing, and be sure to do a little dance yourself. And, after you’re finished, share your own favorite Brick Watch memories! Clearly you must have a few.