Day 114: Dance, monkey! Dance!


Hello there, brickrollers. Only three more days—despite our slightly misleading counter above this post—until the project is complete! And while that means Brick Watch will no longer be making our way into your homes and your hearts, it does mean that life for Downtown retailers and food-servers will soon return to normal.

Upon realizing this early this morning, Brick Watch thought, We should make people dance! We thought this for a few reasons: First, it would be effing funny. Second, it would give workers Downtown a much-needed outlet for their excitement over the end of the rebricking project.

And so we set out, on a journey of sorts. A journey down the Mall and back up again, searching for happy dancers to participate in our bricksperiment of shame. Lucky for you, we found some! …And we filmed it. Merry Bricksmas!

Oh, and P.S. Many of the people in the video had no idea that it was only three days until the project was complete. Hey, City of Charlottesville: Why don’t they know this? No room in the marketing budget for end-of-project signs? "The end is here." Or, "We’re at our bricks’ end!" Or, "This is the short end of the brick." Those are just some suggestions. Call us if you need more.

P.P.S. A special thanks to employees at Caspari, Mudhouse, The Mole Hole, Splendora, Java Java, Derriere de Soie, Siips and Alakazam for participating!