Day 108: Shakespeare is obnoxious (and 445 today)

Day 108: Shakespeare is obnoxious (and 445 today)

Good morrow, brickspeares! Today we bring you a special Shakespeare-themed BW entry, as it is the playwright’s birthday. He would have been 445 years old today. And so, in honor of his old age and in an effort to tie Shakespeare to BW (we love connections!), we’ve decided to document 445 of our favorite Downtown Mall bricks.

See that one up in the lefthand corner? Near the white substance? No, not that one. Over a little more. …Yep! We love that one.

This one is located at the 100 east block. It’s the horizontal one parallel to the worker’s boot. Dang, that’s a good one.

We almost forgot this one! See the kind of discolored half-paver to the left of the photo? That’s not the one we like. The one we like is three down and four over from that one.

We’re just kidding; we’re not going to list all 445. We have way better things to do. (…We’re totally working on it for another day.)

What we are going to do is present you with some BW video:

And give a shout-out to our new friends (or, as we like to call them, "people who have no idea who we are that we found on the Internets while Googling ‘bricks, Shakespeare’").

Here they are:

Meet Erika and Drew, a very cute couple who live in Los Angeles (with their bunny, Bob) and post webisodes (called "Exposed Brick") on his blog. During BW’s Google search, the blog came up with an episode entitled "Shakespeare is Obnoxious." We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. (WARNING: This video contains the F word and the B word. Twice.)