Day 105: Why can’t we if we wanna? Yes we can-can!

Day 105: Why can’t we if we wanna? Yes we can-can!

Good (if not a little wet) morning, brickfans! Oh, what a weekend it was. First and foremost, Brick Watch wants to address our call to the DMB from last Friday. BW attended the Saturday show (amazing, by the way) and we can’t know for sure, but we’re reasonably certain Dave mouthed something to us just before he started in on "Stay," his second encore song. And Dave? Our answer is yes.

Before the concert, Brick Watch came Downtown and found ourselves in prime position for a little block partyin’. There were can-can dancers, an accordion player, and cotton candy venders! Here’s a visual aid:

It may have been by default (there were so many people on the Mall on Saturday), but the Paris-themed block party looked to be better than any of the others! And, oh boy, did we enjoy ourselves.

Prior to the party, we perused the City Market and found this:

It’s a brick necklace! The picture quality is not the best, but Jason McLeod‘s design is probably the best piece of brick jewelry we’ve seen. Jason told us he didn’t intentionally create it to look like bricks—BW came up with that on our own. Anyway…we’ve been thinking all weekend about how we might justify such a purchase. Maybe we should have a yardsale.

Totally unrelated to Saturday’s events, a Brick Watch reader wrote in with a question this weekend! He wanted to know, "What is the cause of the white residue that appears on the new bricks on the mall after a few warm days and what is going to be done to remove it?" We’ve actually covered this before, but we’ll recap. Newer bricks get this white residue, which is actually caused by minerals leaching from the paver. Eventually this will wear away and the Mall will be a brilliant shade of red. Brick red, to be sure.

Have a lovely rainy day, brickies. Don’t forget your bumpershoot.