DNA evidence confirms Morgan Harrington t-shirt found on 15th Street


Nearly six months after Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington’s disappearance, Virginia State Police released a statement today that confirmed the discovery of Harrington’s Pantera t-shirt on 15th Street in Charlottesville.

"Recently completed testing by the Virginia Department of Forensic Science confirmed that a black t-shirt found November 11, 2009, in the city of Charlottesville is the one Harrington was last seen wearing the night of the concert," says the release. "The t-shirt was found on 15th Street near the intersection of Grady Avenue."

VSP Lieutenant Joe Rader encouraged anyone with helpful information to make use of the tip lines set up to gather information. "It’s going to take that one courageous phone call to Crime Stoppers from someone who knows something firsthand about this case that will be the key to linking together the evidence and data collected to date," says Rader. The release also notes that VSP has interviewed more than 100 individuals during the investigation of Harrington’s disappearance.