Corrections to the April 28 issue


Due to a reporting error in last week’s cover story, we mistakenly stated that a former Country Vintner employee directs J.W. Sieg’s wine import and distribution business. Derek Robinson, formerly of the Country Vintner, is a wine consultant for J.W. Sieg, but the business is under the direction of J.W. Sieg Vice President Smith Williams.

In addition, due to reporting errors that story incorrectly stated that Charlie Armstrong had a career as a local realtor. He did not. Nor was Southern Development a spin-off of Dr. Charles Hurt, as stated. That company was started by and is led by Frank Ballif, not Frank Baliff, as reported.

Also, due to an editing error, our chart detailing the salaries of the 10 highest-paid employees in the city and county was misheadlined. It should have said, “County workers make more than their city counterparts.”