City Council race: Huja has biggest balance, Galvin tops small donations


Reports place City Council hopefuls Brevy Cannon and Dede Smith atop the list of candidates for funds raised during the second quarter. Both Cannon, a UVA Today writer, and Smith, a longtime Fry’s Spring resident and member of pro-dredging group Citizens for a Sustainable Water Plan, announced their candidacy in June, and amassed their totals in less than one month.

However, the numbers tell a few additional stories. Take, for instance, incumbent Councilor Satyendra Huja, a longtime Democrat who ended the quarter with an ending balance of $3,528—more than $400 ahead of Smith’s $3,100 balance. Huja’s funds also stem from a greater number of sources, including former councilors Julian Taliaferro, John Conover and Virginia Daugherty, who served as mayor from 1998 to 2000. Huja, also the city’s former Director of Planning and Community Development, received contributions from developers Keith Woodard and Wade Tremblay, who runs student housing company Wade Apartments.

Meanwhile, Kathy Galvin, a member of the Charlottesville City School Board, raised $3,169.85. That total includes 20 contributions of less than $100—by far the largest number of sub-Benjamin contributions.

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