Cinder block battle in Belmont

Cinder block battle in Belmont

Billy Sites and Anthony Ray Shifflett have known each other since they were kids. Their lives have also intersected in that they both share the same ex-wife, Whitney. And now they have been in court together, after one allegedly threw a cinder block at the other. The following accounts are from testimony at a preliminary hearing October 15 in Charlottesville General District Court.

While driving to this Amoco station at the corner of Monticello Road, Billy Sites spotted his old adversary, Anthony Ray Shifflett. Hijinx with cinder block ensued.

On July 16, Sites and a friend set out from his ex-wife’s house on Nassau Street towards the Amoco at the corner of Monticello Road and Linden Avenue to get a drink. Driving Whitney’s turquoise Ford Escort, he then saw Shifflett walking down the street. Next came a little inflammatory language, courtesy of Sites, who yelled at his old adversary, “Fucking pussy!”

Shifflett did not appreciate that and ran into the street, gesticulating wildly into the Escort’s rearview mirror. Sites proceeded to the Amoco and when he returned to the car and set out for his ex-wife’s, he spotted a black Blazer that was parked with both its doors open. As Sites slowed to go past, Shifflett suddenly jumped from the back of the Blazer with a cinder block that he then hurled through the open window. “If I wouldn’t have moved my head, it would have caught dead in the back of my head,” Sites testified. “But I moved my head.” Instead, the cinder block caromed off his hand that was on the steering wheel and then through the windshield.

Stunned and dazed, Sites was rushed by his friend to the Mustang Grille on Carlton Avenue, where he wrapped his bloodied hand in paper towels and then called his ex-wife to tell her to come pick her car up, sans windshield. She called the cops, who sent a detective over to talk with Sites.
“And so, when Detective Mooney asked you what happened, you told him Tony Shifflett’s a bitch, that’s what happened,” said James Beard, Shifflett’s counsel.

“I was right mad,” admitted Sites. “I ain’t going to lie. Yeah, I did say that.” To whether he said “the motherfucker wants to fight but he acts like a bitch,” Sites could not recall, pleading the Fifth. His testimony ultimately ended in a felony unlawful wounding indictment for the 20-year-old Shifflett, which will be heard next month.

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