Checking in with Rose Hill

Checking in with Rose Hill

What are you working on currently?
An Uncle Remus mosaic mirror.

What were you doing just before we contacted you?

I don’t remember.

From illustrating scenes from The Story of Little Black Sambo to her seen-on-“Oprah” “Little Colored Girls” plate series, Rose Hill continues to engage historical representations of African-Americans with her work. Catch her at work in one of her pairs of Chucks at McGuffey Art Center.

Tell us about your “day job.”
I just recently took on a job caring for a friend’s elderly mother.

What is your favorite tool of the trade?
Duncan No. 118 cobalt black paint.

Who in Charlottesville would you like to collaborate with?

I don’t know of anyone in Charlottesville who wants to collaborate with me, but there are two people I would like to collaborate with: [ceramic artists] Tom Clarkson and Mark Churchill.

Do you have plans to exhibit your artwork locally in the near future?
May 2010, in the main gallery at McGuffey Art Center.

Have you done any recent travel?
My last trip was in May, when I went to the San Francisco Bay area for my daughter’s 40th birthday party.

What about Charlottesville inspires you right now?
My soon-to-be new studio-mate, who throws incredible pots, inspires me.

Tell us about an idea you’ve been carrying around with you.
A large mosaic on the cement wall that runs along the Market Street side of McGuffey as a tribute to the old Vinegar Hill neighborhood, done by local artists with community participation.

What is your favorite snack food while you’re working?
I don’t snack when I work, although the smell of microwave popcorn will make me take a break so that I can indulge—a common occurrence in the north basement of McGuffey.

What music are you listening to lately?
Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series, Volume 8.

If you were packing a small suitcase for a long trip, what article of clothing goes in there first?
My Chucks [Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars]. I’ve got lots of pairs to go with almost all my outfits.

What item do you carry around with you at all times?

My iPod.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Do you have a favorite artist working in your medium?
Robin Campo.