Checking in with Edward Thomas

Checking in with Edward Thomas

What are you working on these days?
I’m working on an alphabet book about UVA. I’m doing 26 paintings of UVA subjects A to Z, like “Arts,” “Rotunda,” that kind of stuff. I just finished a big panoramic painting of Grove and King [streets] that’s about to be developed out in Fifeville. That’s the kind of thing I do a lot—painting things that are about to go away. I just got back from the beach, doing some paintings on the Outer Banks.
What were you doing just before we called?

Taking a shower. (Laughs) Yeah, literally.

While Edward Thomas (with his dogs Five, left, and Jupiter) typically paints subjects that are “about to go away,” he’s currently at work on an alphabet-based project for a longtime local institution—UVA. 

Do you have a day job?
Favorite tool of the trade?
I would say a No. 4 Filbert hog bristle brush.
Locally, who would you like to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?
Peter Waldman. He’s an architect and my old architecture professor—I studied architecture. He was recently featured in C-VILLE’s Abode.

Plans to present locally soon?
I’m doing a show starting August at the C&O Gallery. Not from my book, just local Charlottesville scenes.
Tell us about an idea you’re carrying around with you.
What’s going to happen to the Landmark Hotel? (Laughs) Let’s turn it into artist studios, have artists take over the place.
Favorite snack while you’re working?
What upcoming event will you be getting a ticket for?
Gosh, I’m not much of a ticket buyer. The Live Arts Gala.
What songs are you playing on your iPod?
The new J.J. Cale album, Kate Bush—always a favorite of mine! (Laughs) Let’s round that out with someone recent. Gosh, I listen to music constantly when I’m painting, it’s very important to me. It helps me a lot when I can’t think of anything. Oh, here’s one: Daniel Lanois.
Purse/backpack must-have?
A first aid kit. I have that in my backpack at all times.
Guilty pleasure?
Too many to mention. (Laughs) That’s all I’ll say about that.
Favorite artist in your genre? What about outside your genre?

In my genre would be Jane Turrell. Favorite artist outside my genre would be the lead singer from Sigur Rós.